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Community-Supported Doula Program

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Granny's House

Family Play Groups

A DOULA is a trained birth professional who provides continuous emotional & physical support to birthing individuals during labor, delivery and early postpartum. Doulas are part of the maternity care team and help improve birth outcomes for parents and infants by advocating for the needs and wishes for people while they labor and give birth. Doulas also provide support after the birth and can assist with breastfeeding, newborn care questions, support and resources.

You deserve a doula who understands your needs. Our Community-based doulas  come from within the communities we serve and are given training and support from Mama to Mama to meet the unique needs of our clients and their families. Our doulas are for all people, all pregnancies, and all choices. 

Doulas are provided at no cost for low-income families (below 185% FPL).



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Mama to Mama strives to meet our community where they are.  As unbelievable as it is, there is a growing houseless community in Louisville, Ky.  This maternity home will not only provide housing for expectant young adults, but it will give them the opportunity to experience a more holistic approach to pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum care.  Aside from secure housing these growing families will be in an environment that will promote healthy maternal and infant outcomes.  They will participate in holistic healing sessions, there will be cooking classes to promote healthy and healing diets, prenatal and parenting classes, and they will be provided resources and guidance that will help them transition into independent living.  These expectant moms will be equipped with a doula to help them navigate not only their pregnancies but also assist them in navigating the healthcare system.  Granny's House will be a place of love, healing, unconditional support, and community engagement.
"It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to raise a mother too" -Meka Kpoh

Maternity Home Program



This fun-filled, weekly drop-in play group is open to any caregiver and their infant or young child.  Build positive connections between caregivers and children, relieve stress, and develop body awareness that supports positive learning and growth!

Are you looking for fun play opportunities for you and your little one? Chances for you and your children to have fun and try new things?

Join Mama To Mama, Family Health Centers and Growbabygrow: Creative Dance for Happy Families Thursday mornings at 10 to move, sing, dance and play. All activities are geared toward kiddos up to 5.

Tune in from the comfort of your home to learn new skills, make new friends and connect to new resources to raise happy and healthy kids.


Thursdays: 10am via Zoom

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LENA at Arts in Play


Join us for this 10-week virtual playgroup that incorporates the Arts in Play GrowBabyGrow curriculum and the LENA talk pedometer program that strengthens the adult/child dyad through interactive talking.  Simple back and forth conversations between you and your little one nurtures your growing relationships and are a strong influencer for building early language, improving your baby's school readiness.  

Our LENA at Arts in Play family playgroups are FREE and open to families with children between 2-32 months of age who live in the Louisville area.

*Families must live within one of the zip codes listed below and must have a combined family income of less than $45,000.00.

Each virtual session throughout the 10 weeks will include stories, songs, plenty of movement and activities that enhance relationships and language skills.

Between weekly playgroups, families will use the LENA System, a "talk pedometer", that tracks syllables during the back and forth conversations between you and your little one and helps you set goals and track language progress.

  • Meet other families with young children

  • Get 10 new books and 10 new toys

  • Earn grocery gift cards for participation

  • Kindle and hotspot are provided

*Eligible Zip Codes:
40202, 40203, 40208, 40209, 40210, 40211, 40212, 40213, 40214, 40215, 40216, 40217, 40218, 40219, 40220, 40228, 40229, 40242, 40258, 40272, 40292, 40299



 Tuesday Mornings
10:00 - 11:00 am


Tuesday Evenings


Upcoming Session Dates

June 1 - August 2  (10 weeks)


Zoom...from your living room!

Pre-register via the links above.

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