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At Mama to Mama we understand all that comes with bringing a new baby into the world!  When we brainstormed about re-structuring our baby showers we thought about what we would want to experience at a community event such as this.  Not only that but we considered the items that every family will need that they may struggle to obtain.  Aside from giving away baby items we wanted to make an experience for our expectant famalies.  We want to show our Moms that they are loved and supported by their community.  Paying attention to small details is what we strive to do.  We want our Moms to build healthy strong bonds with their new babies and we made sure to make sure we cultivated an enviroment for them to do so.  Our baby showers are geared towards celebrating and welcoming new life.  We are here to support our community in any way that we can and creating a sacred space for the celebration was a top priority.  We realize that we can meet our community where they are and STILL offer them a space that's light, full of love, and support.

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