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Mama to Mama

is a 501(c)(3) working to increase social support for all mothers as they make the transition into parenthood by promoting healthy parenting practices in an effort  to create healthier and more sustainable communities.  Our Community Based Doula program strives to have a helping hand in combating the maternal and infant mortality rate that continues to pleague black and brown populations.

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A quick word from our Executive Director

A quick word from our Executive Director

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Fulfilled, healthy parents raising resilient children in a strong & loving community.

We believe that when we wrap our arms of support around parents and caregivers, that they can do the challenging work of caring for their children.  When caregivers are supported and empowered, families and communities thrive.

We create and foster community.

We offer parents and caregivers tools to thrive while building healthy families. We prepare parents for birth and parenting through prenatal classes. We support them throughout the pregnancy and birth transition by providing community-based doulas. We continue to support them after the birth and beyond through the early years of parenting through peer support and family play groups. 

From Mamas, for Mamas

Mama to Mama was founded in 2012 by a group of women who observed the need for community support for families who were entering into parenthood.  More specifically the need that was present for communites that had a lack of other resources.

These resources incuded parenting groups, education classes, play groups, and doula support.  The community support was greatly lacking in certain populations of Louisville, Ky and Mama to Mama was founded in order to bridge this gap.

The goal is to prepare parents and caregivers to enter into parenthood no matter what that may look like for each individual.

The Community Doula Program aims to support, educate, and advocate for birthing persons of color who otherwise would not have the resources for the additional support.  We know that navigating the healthcare system as a person of color can often times result in outcomes that are not favorable.  Our goal is to cultivate healthy happy families and we know that begins during pregnancy and continues throughout the postpartum period.

OUR Staff Community
Equity and mutual empowerment lives at the core of Mama to Mama's team culture . We have a non-hierarchical model that grows from a sense of interdependence built on  individual strengths. Together we form a circle of support for families across our communities.

Kazia B  Executive Director     

Erica B Community Doula

Keisha Y  Community Doula

Alicia C Community Doula 

Angela H Community Doula

Goddess Nicole R Community Doula

April D  Community Doula

Community Partners & Sponsors

Mama to Mama is proud to work in partnership with the following organizations

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